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Adjutant Briefing

Situational Awareness

The current situation requires heightened attention to political and economic events. All team members should monitor news media and all other forms of communication for developing situations. Your groupís analyst should monitor events and summarize them on a weekly/monthly basis. This summary should then be forwarded to the Groupís leadership and, at their discretion, to the whole group or certain members. Unit members should maintain standard contact with their team leaders through the weekly Local Radio Net.

Defcon 3. Probable Threat.

Increase Awareness and Intelligence Watch
Be Prepared for Situations to Change For Worse
Watch for Possible Expected Future Events
Strengthen Security Measures
Have Preparations Ready for Possible Evacuation if Necessary

READINESS: Maintain your gear in an immediate state of readiness. Check your exit routes and establish supply cache points along your route. Alert your family members. Stay in regular contact with your team members. Pay close attention to news events and political actions being taken in order to stay informed. Be aware of potential danger spots in public locations. Maintain training and exercise drills. All equipment should packed and ready for mobilization. All members stay in daily contact with team leaders via the Local Radio Network. LRN's should maintain weekly contact with their Statewide Radio Network and issue Sit-Reps to it as needed.

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