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Public Service Announcement

It's too late to apologize.

Welcome to the Revolution.

The new politics of America is liberty from the N.W.O. Police State and nothing more. While some in the so-called right-wing sit at home and talk about waiting for the Police State to 'come and get them,' some other really brave people have been out confronting the Police State. Instead of hoarding guns that will never be fired, these people were out bravely facing the guns of the New World Order….Mark my words, this is but the first confrontation, there will be many more such confrontations as intelligent, caring people begin to face off the Waco thugs of the New World Order here in the United States.

“The New American Patriot will be neither left nor right, just a freeman fighting for liberty. New alliances will form between those who have in the past thought of themselves as 'right-wingers,' conservatives and patriots with many people who have thought of themselves as 'left-wingers,' progressives, or just 'liberal.'…Soon, there will be millions in this country of every political persuasion confronting the police state on streets throughout America….Wake up and smell the tear gas. Freedom is calling its sons and daughters.”

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