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"Woe to those who decree unjust statutes and to those who continually record unjust decisions, to deprive the needy of justice, and to rob the poor of My people of their rights..." Isaiah 10:1-2

This forum is for prayer requests and the discussion of the Biblical perspective as it relates to Freedom, Liberty and the Duty of citizens, soldiers and leaders. I will keep a close watch on this room. This forum is not for endless debates about which version of "religion" is better. Nor will ANY athiest, anti-God or disrespect for others be tolerated here. If you hate Christians...find another forum. Doc.

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Icon 2 [important] Message to Fal and all other real Christians. ConSigCor 15
Icon 2 [important] HELP ME LOCATE THE BLACK REGIMENT ConSigCor 21
Icon 1 [important] NOTICE: For New Board Posts fal3 0
Icon 1 Saudi Arabia Will Allow Vatican to Build Churches airforce 4
Icon 1 Persecution for Faith fal3 2
Icon 2 What Did We Think Was Going To Happen? ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Questions Concerning Church Security Details ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Hurricanes, floods, fires ... and now a supervolcano threatens U.S. ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Catholic Scholars Issue Filial Correction to Pope Francis airforce 0
Icon 14 Texas Governor Proclaims Day of Prayer ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 From the desk of JC Dodge ConSigCor 3
Icon 1 Alex Osinski Bigfoot 0
Icon 1 Our Window Of Time Is Short ConSigCor 12
Icon 1 "Jesus was an Airborne Ranger" by John McDougal Huskerpatriot 0
Icon 1 Judges: Gays' feelings trump Christian's faith ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Open Border For Christian Refugees ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 File This Away fal3 2
Icon 1 Prepping in Biblical Perspective ConSigCor 6
Icon 1 What Do YOU Assume ? fal3 14
Icon 1 Why Should God Bless America ? fal3 6
Icon 1 Slow Train Coming airforce 8
Icon 1 Harbinger of Baal … in New York ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Is It "Anti-Faith" To Prepare For The Very Hard Times That Are Coming? ConSigCor 10
Icon 1 He Is Risen! airforce 2
Icon 9 Pray for Mike ConSigCor 3
Icon 1 Have A Blessed Christmas fal3 2
Icon 1 BoldFenianMan asks consideration for help spreading the word for a firend in need BoldFenianMan 3
Icon 1 A letter to Obama about the futility of banning guns ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 A Dark Day for America ConSigCor 23
Icon 1 Chief Tecumseh STRATIOTES 3
Icon 1 Is It “Anti-Faith” To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse? ConSigCor 9
Icon 1 Giving Thanks fal3 1
Icon 1 Buried my best friend today D308cat 4
Icon 1 God and Guns: Your Biblical Right to Self Defense ConSigCor 6
Icon 1 excellent section for a forum... let the blind see 3
Icon 1 Inspiration (in the militia camp) pcosmar 0
Icon 1 Why Jesus Was REALLY Killed: Challenging the Money Changers ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Victory in Nevada - the battle is the Lord's! Imagrunt 4
Icon 1 Not Just Another Book on Revelation airforce 0
Icon 1 Americans, Compatriots fellow warriors STRATIOTES 1
Icon 1 Our Friends Are Killing Us airforce 2
Icon 1 Thank You for the Prayers airforce 14
Icon 1 Christians Are Being Labeled As “Extremists” And “Hate Groups” ConSigCor 26
Icon 1 The New Circumcisionists STRATIOTES 1
Icon 1 Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected Next Pope airforce 7
Icon 4 March 22, 2013! Flick 21
Icon 1 REVOLUTION? ConSigCor 20
Icon 1 Gonna be a daddy, first time. Sisu 20
Icon 1 Banned In Boston - Transcribed STRATIOTES 6
Icon 1 Christians Are Being Specifically Targeted ConSigCor 9
Icon 1 The Day After Christmas fal3 2
Icon 1 Reading A Bible Without A Permit airforce 10
Icon 1 I Am That I Am The Greywolf 1
Icon 1 My Prediction for the Next Four Years fal3 17
Icon 1 A Biblical Case for Preparedness and Self-Defense ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Anger Mgmt. (Will To Kill) Flick 10
Icon 1 What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common ConSigCor 11
Icon 1 NY Times and Religious Freedom airforce 0
Icon 9 My wife of 40 years passed away this afternoon. TreverSlyFox 21
Icon 1 Let the LORD Jesus Christ win the battle for us Imagrunt 1
Icon 1 The rise of "Chrislam" McMedic 35
Icon 1 A Blessed Christmas ! fal3 1
Icon 1 What BIBLE do you read from? HARBINGER 22
Icon 1 Pike, KY church votes to prohibit interracial couples BuckeyeNCO 8
Icon 1 The sheep and the goats Flick 14
Icon 1 Halal and Kosher hit by proposed Dutch ban BuckeyeNCO 1
Icon 1 Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani's Execution Now Imminent airforce 36
Icon 1 The Trials and Patience of Job Imagrunt 0
Icon 6 Faithfulnes FrSmoke 2
Icon 1 Qualifications for Militia chaplain revjen45 2
Icon 1 “Come Out Of Her, My People” By Chuck Baldwin Imagrunt 0
Icon 6 The First shall be Last FrSmoke 0
Icon 1 Quit Wasting Time ! fal3 9
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