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Author Topic: National Survival

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A Great Wall: On Border Controls, Immigration, and National Survival

By James Wesley Rawles | January 13, 2018

I have generally side-stepped the issue of immigration in SurvivalBlog, from the outset. Back in 2006, I explained why. But recent events have pushed this issue to the forefront of the national debate. At this juncture, I’d like to make my position clear, even at the risk of perturbing some of my readers. I can now see that immigration is not just a political issue or a policy issue. Rather, it is a matter of national survival.

Even before Donald J. Trump (DJT) was seated as U.S. president, there was huge disagreement on his planned immigration and border security policies. There are deep differences in the world views of American liberals and conservatives. Liberals tend to favor open borders and almost unlimited immigration. In contrast, conservatives favor secure borders and quite limited immigration. The failing of most liberals is that they don’t look at the illegal immigration problem from a multi-generational viewpoint, and they fail to see the full implications of the macro scale changes to our demographics.

To fully understand this complex issue, it is apropos to step back and look at the historical context of our nation’s immigration policies, starting in the 18th century.

Immigration In and Before the 1700s

Before our War of Independence, Britain’s colonies in North America were settled by northern Europeans who were predominantly Christian. Most of them were English-speaking. And those that didn’t speak English soon learned the common tongue. Most immigrants shared a common set of ethics and a quite similar moral framework. There were a few statistical outliers, but nearly all of them soon assimilated and adopted the American way of life.

Immigration in the 1800s

In the following century, there were several successive waves of immigration. Many of these created large demographic shifts. One of the biggest was the wave of Irish immigration, which came amidst Ireland’s devastating Potato Famine. Each of these 19th century immigrant waves had their particular difficulties with assimilation. But again because most of them had a Christian worldview, they eventually fit in. Even the advent of Chinese immigrants–most of whom were distinctly non-Christian–succeeded in assimilation.

In the first and even second generation, many 19th century immigrant groups started newspapers published in their native languages. But most of these publications were not intended to be divisive or clannish. They were in fact transitional tools. By the second or third generation, most of the non-English newspapers faded into obscurity. The children and grand-children of immigrants simply had little or no interest in maintaining the language and culture of “The Old Country.” They were fully absorbed into the peaceable American culture.

Immigration in the 1900s

By the early 1900s, the waves of immigration were larger than ever but still manageable. Full cultural assimilation was still the norm, and the Judeo-Christian ethic was still common ground for the vast majority of immigrants. Starting in the 1920s, Congress began slowing immigration, particularly from southern Europe and Asia. Thankfully, by the time of the enormous economic dislocation of the Great Depression, immigration had slowed to a trickle.

The World War II Aberrations

Then, for a period of three years during World War II, fearing domestic terrorism, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Administration took the unprecedented step of ordering the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans, by Executive Order. This included even second generation (“neisei“) Japanese Americans who were native-born citizens! Similar measures were taken by Canadian authorities. Before Executive Order 9066 could get a full test of its constitutionality in the courts, the internment had already ended.

Japanese internment remains a black mark on American governance and jurisprudence. Belated redress payments letters of apology were finally issued by the U.S. government in the 1990s, under an order signed by President Reagan, and implemented under the first Bush Administration. It could safely be said that the Japanese internment was racist, because the corresponding program created to intern German and Italian immigrants was small, by comparison. (Just 31,000 Germans and Italians, nearly all of whom were foreign passport-holders.)

Also during WWII, to make up for a farm labor shortage created by the draft and mass military conscription, the U.S. started the Bracero contract guest worker program. This brought hundreds of thousands of largely uneducated peasant farm workers into the United States. While it did succeed in solving part of the labor shortage, the after-effects of this program are still being felt today. The Bracero program was phased out in the early 1960s. But that “taste of the good life” in El Norte spawned a flood of illegal immigration that is continuing today.

Post-War Immigration

Post-WWII policy for legal immigration became quite lax. Following the sensibilities of liberal politicians, our official immigration policies began to consciously ignore the key factors of a common language, a predominant religion, a common and peaceable culture, and secure borders. For the past 50 years, our nation has embarked on a campaign of what I consider cultural suicide.
Up until 1965, immigration quotas favored people from Europe. But the Immigration and Nationality Act created a new system that favored selecting skilled immigrants and “reunifying families”, rather than by-country quotas.

The composition of our population has also changed, as immigration policies have loosened, and birthrates have fallen. In 1970, just 4.7% of Americans were foreign-born. Today, it is more than 13%, and climbing. That figure is similar to the “Ellis Island Era” immigration boom of the early 1900s, when that percentage was around 14%. As of 2017, about 25% of children in American families had at least one foreign-born parent.

Since the Immigration and Nationality Act was enacted in 1965 immigration has been dominated by people born in Asia and Latin America, rather than in Europe. Starting in 1965, people groups who have little or nothing in common with American culture and Judeo-Christian ethics were allowed entrance, en masse. Even worse, radical Muslims with a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the American way of life were given equal preference to Christian and Jewish immigrants. If current immigration trends continue, Islam could be the second-largest religion in the United States, by 2040.

A Lack of Vetting

During the Obama Administration, vetting of candidate immigrants nearly fell by the wayside. Large numbers of radicals fell through the cracks. These people have no intention of ever assimilating and living peacefully among us. They have brought foreign terrorism — typified by the September 11, 2001 attacks — to our shores. A growing list of terrorist events now punctuates our news headlines. The common thread: Foreign-born military age males who are adherents of radical Islam.

Many Americans now anticipate even more horrendous acts of terrorism. It is just a matter of time before one of these foreign terrorists gets hold of a weapon of mass destruction–be it nuclear, biological, chemical, or cyber. To clarify: I’m not a racist. I’m a realist. It is not racial identity that makes a good immigrant versus a bad immigrant, or a good tourist versus a bad tourist. I actually deny the very concept of “race”. (There is only one race, the human race.) But there is definitely a correlation between religious affiliation and a propensity for terrorism. America does not have a problem with Christian terrorism, or Jewish terrorism, or Hindu terrorism, or Sikh terrorism, or Buddhist terrorism, or Taoist terrorism, or Jainist terrorism, and certainly not Baha’i terrorism! But we do have an undeniable problem with Islamic terrorism. For Americans to ignore or downplay this fact is a divorce from reality.

The Extent and Cost of Illegal Immigration

As of 2014, it was estimated that there were 5.8 million illegal aliens from Mexico, and 5.3 million from other countries. But those are just rough figures. Nobody can provide a more precise or current figure. The fiscal costs are enormous. According to The Heritage Institute, there are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S., and these households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year. The estimated cost of building the new border wall and fence will cost somewhere between $15 billion and $25 billion. (A leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security in February estimated $21.6 billion. So some claim that the wall/fence will effectively pay for itself, in just a few years.)

The liberals who predominate in the mass media and who make the most noise in Congress are in denial about the extent and impact of illegal immigration. They are now engaged in a war of words. Most of our universities and major news outlets have banned use of the descriptive term “illegal alien.” In its place, they use the fanciful fabricated terms “undocumented residents” or “undocumented immigrants”. Actor James Woods once famously said: “Calling illegal aliens ‘undocumented immigrants’ is like calling heroin dealers ‘undocumented pharmacists.'”

The Plain Truth

It is time to speak the plain truth about immigration in general and Islam in particular. Traditional Islam is a war-like syncretic religion that has the stated goal of world domination. It is not, as the liberal whiners claim, “a religion of peace”. In fact the word islam itself means “submission”. By that, their claimed prophet Muhammad meant: “submission to the will of Allah.” In numerous suryas, the Koran calls for the forced conversion or death of all non-believing “infidels” and a holy war (jihad) against any and all who defy Islamic domination. Liberals are quick to point out that many modern Muslims claim to have discarded those tenets. That is true. But their own Koran states that any Muslim who does not adhere to all of the Koran’s teachings should also be treated as an infidel. And that is what their radical minority believes and how they operate. That is what all of the Wahhabist madrasah are teaching.

Even if we take the very conservative estimate of only 2% of Muslims deserving the label radical jihadis, then we still have a big problem. Here’s the math:

World Population: 7.6 billion

World’s Islamic Population: 1.6 billion

Estimate of World’s Radical Islamic Population (2% of 1.6 billion): 320,000

U.S. Population: 325,677,000

U.S. Islamic Population: 3.45 Million

Estimate of U.S. Radical Islamic Population (2% of 3.45 million): 69,000

To me, seeing the figure of 6,900 ticking time bombs is not reassuring. To allow extremist Islamists entrance to our country is an enormous mistake. Positive vetting on a case-by-case basis to weed out these fanatics is a wise policy. Individual vetting must be done for both candidate immigrants and for tourists seeking visas. I would even go so far as to suggest periodically re-vetting any foreign-born military age males with Islamic names that are here as permanent residents (Green Card holders) but not yet citizens. Any who are of bad character should be deported from the country.

Now please don’t confuse me with the likes of FDR. What I’m talking about here is deporting (not locking up) some untrustworthy non-citizens, following individual hearings. In contrast, what FDR did was indiscriminately imprison people, some of who were full U.S. citizens, without due process.

We must also abandon the absurd practice of “random screening” that calls for searching grandmas and toddlers in equal numbers as foreign-born military age males. The plain truth is that more than 90% of the deaths by terrorism in our country since 2000 can be directly attributed to foreign-born military age Islamic males. Therefore, YES, we should indeed “profile” them! Stop groping Granny, and start searching and interrogating those guys.

A Fence, Not a Wall

The Trump Administration’s planned “border wall” is a logical, well-calculated reaction to a growing threat. It is planned as a true wall structure only in a few, short, heavily-populated sections. Through 97% of its length, it will just be a sophisticated fence. This fence will be difficult to scale and have advanced intrusion sensors. But it will not be nearly as formidable as Israel’s anti-vehicular/anti-intrusion fence on the Egyptian border. (See photo.) A more robust border fence will help protect us from illegal immigration from Mexico, as well as “through-migration” of illegals from throughout Central America, who use Mexico as a conduit. It has also been documented that some illegals from Middle Eastern countries have been flying to Mexico and then walking across the Mexico-U.S. border. So a stout fence and wall system will help reduce that traffic as well.

The Constitutional Flaw

One flaw of the Constitution is that its framers included a clause that it automatically makes anyone born on American soil an American citizen, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. This is codified under Title 8 U.S.C. § 1401. Sadly, our Founders could not have foreseen modern air travel. This constitutional flaw has unfortunately created what are commonly called Anchor Babies. I advocate a Constitutional Amendment that would change that, putting U.S. citizenship policy more in alignment with that of most European countries.

Our Survival Is At Stake

Most modern pundits underestimate the threat posed by illegal immigration. It has become so rampant that it now constitutes an invasion. Most of the illegal immigrants from Mexico are peaceable folks, but amongst them are some hardened criminals, sexual predators, and even some quite radical racist and leftist revolutionaries. (For further reading , do web searches on the words “reconquista” and “Aztlan”.)

Meanwhile, allowing legal immigration by unvetted foreign-born applicants is downright suicidal.

There is only one way that any nation can survive in the long term (that is, multi-generationally): To maintain its integrity, any sovereign nation must have secure borders, a unifying peaceable culture, and a common language. Any nation that ignores those three factors is doomed. – JWR

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