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Author Topic: Threat Assessment for the Week of March 11, 2018

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Threat Assessment for the Week of March 11, 2018

By Joel Skousen and Andrew Skousen

For the past year, it appeared as if Donald Trump was going to use military action to disarm North Korea, which continues to develop nuclear weapons and the intercontinental missiles to deliver them. However, this week, it looks like the Trump will succumb to North Korea’s false promises to give up its nuclear weapons—that same ploy used before in order to buy more time and complete its military development. That’s good news in one sense, in that a war with NK is not now imminent. However, the bad news is that when it does come, it will be much worse.

The difference is that this time NK is much closer to finishing its nuclear weapons program and the means of delivery. CIA Director Mike Pompeo says that NK is only a “handful of months” from being able to solve its final technical problems of developing a miniaturized nuke in a warhead capable of surviving the heat of reentry. Negotiations on the details for another sham disarmament by NK can take at least a year, and maybe another 6 months before inspectors find out NK is cheating again. Sure, the pending threat of military action has brought NK to the table, but if anyone thinks this means Kim is really serious about disarmament, they are naive.

This has all the signs of a sophisticated trap—and it’s probably going to put off Trump’s plans for a military strike on Kim’s offensive weapons, which I think was prepared for later this month.

Once South Korea and North Korea start talks, it’s going to be almost impossible for the US military to strike without looking like unnecessary aggression. It effectively takes any military option completely off the table, especially with the US not being a party to the talks.

If the US were at the table, they could more easily determine if they “were going nowhere,” and decide to break off negotiations, but by not being a party to the talks it puts the US in a situation where they can’t end them and opt for military action.

And NK’s nukes aren’t the only problem. The US also needs to demand NK give up its huge stockpile of chemical weapons. Remember, Syria was threatened with invasion if they didn’t give up their chemical weapons. Why let NK have them without military reprisal? That’s a double standard.

Now, with yesterday’s dramatic announcement that Trump will meet face to face with Kim Jong-un and that NK is claiming to be willing to give up both its nuclear and missile program, all military options are off the table for the foreseeable future. The White House staff was taken aback by how quickly Trump accepted. He didn’t even consult with his advisors, who were livid. You don’t just give Kim the prestige of a one on one talk with the head of the free world without some serious concession. Thus, the day after, the White House announced that Kim will have to take some specific action to start standing down his weapons program before talks can happen. We’ll see. But I doubt Trump will back out now.

That puts the massive demand for some form of gun control as your biggest threat of the week. Expect to see yet more horrific shootings at schools, by unstable youths under the control of black operations. The media onslaught continues this past week at fever pitch, focusing as usual on the alleged single shooter despite credible reports of multiple shooters.

In the recent Parkland, Florida shooting, Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel told Good Morning America that she was grazed by a bullet as she closed the door to her classroom after letting a number of students in to get out of the line of fire. She described the shooter in terms that doesn’t match Nicolas Cruz in any way.

“I suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet in front of me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway, just a barrage of bullets, and I’m staring at him thinking why are the police here, this is strange because he’s in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before

Although both she and her Good Morning America hosts assumed this must have been Cruz, and never once entertained the thought of multiple shooters, none of this equipment and clothing matched what Police said Cruz was using and wearing—an easily recognizable AR-15, a red shirt, jeans and a backpack with a gas mask, smoke grenades and extra magazines. What Lippel saw was at least one other mercenary shooters that coordinated their attack with the presence of Cruz, destined to take the whole blame. A helicopter news video shows two men removing two large duffel bags from the school and into a vehicle right after the shooting—which is tampering with evidence. Watch it here at the 4 min. mark. I strongly suspect that this heavy duffel bag contained the SWAT gear from one or two black ops assailants. At least two other students told reporters on camera they heard or encountered more than one shooter.

In another recent massacre in Las Vegas, the media stubbornly insists the sole shooter was Stephen Paddock even though even the local newspaper, the Las Vegas Review and Journal covered reports of unknown persons shooting up the lobby of the Bellagio, the Tropicana and two other casinos. In addition, FAA tape recordings at the Tower at McClarren Airport right across the highway from the targeted venue, clearly state that they are closing runway 19 due to “active shooters” on the runway. No mention has ever been made of the additional shooters or targeted casinos by the newspaper after the first day. That’s a concerted cover-up.

"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come and that soon, and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Gen. T.J. Jackson, March 1861

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One thing you can say about Trump is, he is a tough negotiator. If Kim Jong Un thinks he'll be able to hoodwink Trump, I think he's going to be mistaken. I'm not real hopeful about these talks, but I also think they can't do much harm. As Joel and Andrew Skousen say, we'll see.

Onward and upward,

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