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Author Topic: The Official AWRM position on Charles Dyer / AKA july4patriot, J4P
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Now that the discussions have gone back and forth on Charles Dyer / AKA July4Patriot from Youtube, I am going to wrap this up in one posting which will reflect our consensus and participation of the Patriot Defense Fund in this situation.

Some members here had some past contact with Dyer, however I never did. I had seen some of his youtube videos from time to time. It appears that Dyer had previous extensive association with ARM (American Resistance Movement) and The Oathkeepers, an organization which he had helped found, although the current leadership of Oathkeepers has all but abandoned him. Dyer was also active in the Tea party movement. We have no strong evidence of his activity with any blatant hate groups.

Generally, to be eligible for support from this forum, an individual must have had some past support and association with a patriot organization, come under legal attack, and in general, our support has focused on individuals who had previously served in the military and or law enforcement and found themselves (ourselves) at odds with with gun and weapon laws. Also, in general, a person would have had to have been a member of this forum or one of the associated websites, including Assaultweb which had been considered the "Parent" website for AWRM, although some current AWRM members have effectively been exiled from Assaultweb, and other spinoff websites like Lightfighter.com have been all but alienated. We know that some members of lightfighter.com also had come under legal attack over the years but had generally limited information about them. They had also not requested any assistance in their situations.

Assistance has been effectively requested for Charles Dyer, however we had to necessarily hesitate on such assistance due to the nature of some legal accusations for behavior which we can in no way, shape or form condone or excuse. Charles Dyer has stood accused of repeatedly and forcibly raping his (then) 7 year old daughter.

Dyer has also been accused of possession of an M203 grenade launcher which had originally been stolen from an Army base, however Dyer was in the Marine Corps and it is our position that Dyer was unlikely to have stolen the weapon, but may have willingly accepted it from a third party. Guilty or innocent, this type of charge does not and would not disqualify him from our support in the form of legal support, social resources, and what limited financial support we are in a position to provide or advocate for.

The primary focus of our concern is whether or not the child rape charges are likely to be true, not whether or not they are likely to provide a conviction or court accepted "proof". Several forum members here, including myself, have a formal education and experience in criminal justice matters regarding these types of cases.

Upon our investigation of the matter, we discovered from other sources that the allegations fit a general profile that is consistent with false allegations for this type of behavior. Dyer's prior behavior is not consistent with that of a predatory sex offender, however the primary accusing party and circumstances of the accusation do fit a profile common to false accusation. The primary accuser is Dyer's estranged wife who has posted comments hostile to him on other websites, and has apparently been in a custody battle with Charles Dyer.

The very nature of the "rape" investigation appears to have been a pretext for a BATF sponsored fishing expedition into Dyer's life, apparently in retaliation for inflammatory statements made publicly by Dyer against the BATF and other government agencies, statements which however inflammatory, seem to be protected free speech as we see it.

Also, any NFA violation committed after 1986 when the federal government decided to no longer accept new registrations for most NFA items is of questionable legitimacy, as is the NFA system itself because it has functionally been used not as a system of constitutionally justified arms regulation, but a mechanism for constitutionally prohibited incremental public disarmament. For purposes of our standards of honorable behavior, NFA violations are purely "malum prohibitum" in nature, and therefore not serious breaches of peace. We also think that it is unlikely that Dyer had personally stolen the M203 in question or even directed its theft in the first place, therefore there is not significant cause to consider his actions to have been particularly dishonorable. Whether his actions may have been careless, or put others at risk, or a violation of the codes or conduct of his associates is a matter that we are not addressing in this forum. We will, however, generally legally advise people not to traffic in stolen US or allied military hardware, especially during wartime when such activity could be interpreted as assistance to an enemy nation or enemy transnational organization.

We consider the child rape charges against Dyer to be false, and any reference to him or labeling him as a "Rapist", "sex offender", "Child-Molester" or other derogatory term to be slanderous and libelous behavior and a violation of forum rules. It is also an offense against the honor of Mr Dyer, and any other veteran, Marine, former Marine, or patriot present.

The interim forum moderator has already banned some people for referring to him as such, and we will likely ban others if they keep doing so. Likewise, we consider it a cause of the AWRM membership to assert Dyer's innocence in the rape matter and defend his honor in this matter wherever any slander of this nature is found, in any form, with anyone, in any place, at any time.

After several attempts at finding out where Charles Dyer is being held, we can only conclude that the people closest to the situation do not wish for that to be known, thus our primary method of providing support to an imprisoned patriot is not presently available (money sent directly to a jail or prison commissary account).

There are apparently two options at this time. One is a PO Box which Dyer's parents have been given access to.

Charles A. Dyer
PO Box 47
Marlow, Oklahoma 73055

Another is a website with a paypal system donation set up on Dyer's behalf.

It apparently links to a paypal account for
twssocal@gmail.com, but if you use the link in the above page, it goes through and automatically says that it is a donation for Charles Dyer. At this point, we have no clue as to how the money is actually being distributed. I sent a token amount with a short message and we will see what happens.

If you do send some money, perhaps just say that it is from people at AWRM. I honestly don't know what this is getting spent on, and I am pretty poor myself these days, so I am keeping it low to begin with. As much as we can sympathize with his situation, he was not originally a member here. J4P is by far not the first or only "prisoner of the next revolution" by a long shot.

Likewise the membership here are in some disagreement over whether or not it is appropriate to obtain stolen military weapons. Any such discussions, for or against, are within the valid range of discussion and disagreement among the membership at AWRM, however I think perhaps that should move over to another side of the forums here. From a legal defense perspective, it is my opinion that the best possible current defense for Dyer at this point is for his attorney to attack the premise of the warrant and get the evidence from that warrant disallowed from the case. It is a "legal technicality" but a valid legal technicality in J4P's legal defense which could set him free.

Our further concerns are this point are to continue attempting to determine where J4P is currently being held and to ascertain whether or not he is being mistreated in any way.

I have come close to exhausting my best resources on this situation, and calling in a favor to have some very well connected people assist in determining his location, I was also told that his parents were wishing to filter whatever requests were being made. Not long after that, I logged on here and found some indication that is the answer others have been given.

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Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

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UPDATE: Sgt. Dyer was found innocent on the weapon charge and he is out of jail. It was not a M203 Grenade launcher that he had. It was not stolen.

Sgt. Dyer's ex-wife is a lying drug using bitch. Sgt. Dyer will be found innocent of the false child rape charge as well. However we still need to contribute to his defense fund.

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Ugh. I had forgotten to do the updates in that topic.

Yes, Update:

Dyer is out on bail, not totally free. At this point we don't fully understand why the child rape charges have not also been dropped.

Also, Jim Stachowiak was being accused of misdirecting funds from the Chipin site. In reality, he never had control of the funds and they were never misdirected.

From what I can tell at this point, the opposition got wind of a small number of large donors who were going to help out and then wanted to derail that situation by sewing distrust.

I posted a video over a month ago explaining the M203 situation.


Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.

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