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A Well Regulated Militia... is the premier source of information on the web for men and women around the country who have an interest in firearms, the unorganized militia, or both. It takes hard work and dedication of members such as yourself to make this a place we can all truly be proud of. Although registration and participation will always be free, dedicated members know that it will take more than a post here an there to make the board thrive and grow.

Members have an opportunity to put that dedication to work through paid memberships. Contributing Members have a vested interest in seeing it thrive. It is through these contributions that we will absorb the costs incurred through the administration of the board. Your paid membership helps to defray the costs of upgrades, hosting, etc. Our success depends on you, the member.

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Basic Training
Getting Started
For Militia newbies and old timers alike: Militia Definition, Purpose, Mission, History, Unit Organization, Promotion, Code of Conduct etc. This is the forum for newbies to ask basic militia related questions.
Icon 1   Re: Now this could be big...
School of the Soldier
Basic Training for the Citizen Soldier NMS Level 1 & 2
Icon 1   Re: My fitness path (airforce)
Small Unit Tactics
How to survive and win on the battlefield
Icon 1   Re: Every Day Carry (Flight-ER-Doc)
tire iron, airforce
Basic Training for the Team Radio Operator
Icon 1   Re: Sparks 31 blog offline
ConSigCor, Etech
Field Medicine
Basic first aid and emergency procedures for the citizen-solder.
Icon 1   Re: Sutures & Wound Healing
Total Resistance, McMedic, Flight-ER-Doc
Survival & Preparedness
Icon 1   Re: The recent decline in...
ConSigCor, airforce
Supply and Logistics - The essential backbone of the militia.
Icon 1   Re: If You Think You're Too...
Militia Gear
Packs, LBV, Hooches...all your "Stuff"
Icon 1   greyman loadouts? (JWF)
Total Resistance
NCO Leadership Training
Training tomorrows leaders, today
Icon 1   Re: MILITIA ORGANIZATION (Breacher)
tire iron
Operational Security
All topics related to individual and group security measures.
Icon 1   Keeping Communications Private...
no one
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