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"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people...Be not intimidated, therefore, by any terrors, from publishing with the utmost freedom...nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your freedom"...Samuel Adams

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Icon 1 [important] Terrorist Watch: “This is just the beginning." ConSigCor 7
Icon 1 [important] The Prosecutor's Hall of Shame Pages: 1 2 3 airforce 102
Icon 1 [important]  Signs Of Economic Collapse Pages: 1 2 3 ConSigCor 81
Icon 2 [important] National I.D. Watch Pages: 1 2 ConSigCor 51
Icon 1 [important] Another Botched Raid - Incident Report Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 11 12 13 airforce 445
Icon 1 Peaceful protestors? ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 FBI Posed as Filmmakers to Infiltrate Bundy Supporters ConSigCor 5
Icon 1 3 intelligence sources' say Obama used Brits to spy on Trump ConSigCor 15
Icon 1 How to get fired in five minutes ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 US exit from United Nations could become reality ConSigCor 5
Icon 1 North Korea Could Make Good On Its Promise To Erase The United State ConSigCor 12
Icon 2 Alternative media on trial for "conspiracy" ConSigCor 0
Icon 2 WikiLeaks GOES TO WAR against the CIA ConSigCor 8
Icon 1 Article admits..........some INSIDE..... Hawk45 0
Icon 1 Major 'uh-oh moment' ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 "Mounting insurgency" to “Oust” Trump ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Military Holding Drills To Prepare For Massive Immigration Crisis ConSigCor 4
Icon 1 Obama-era ban on lead bullets ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Look who was behind anti-Semitic threats ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Taxpayers Foot $1M Bill to Clean Up Dakota Pipeline Protest Area ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Libertarians Arrested in Cuba airforce 0
Icon 1 Two-State Solution... For The West? ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Getting what they deserve. ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Trump orders temporary ban on refugees ConSigCor 20
Icon 1 This is not the first time ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Homeschoolers Revolt Against Republican School Choice Bill ConSigCor 3
Icon 1 Obama’s Stasi Begins Soft Coup ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 The Trade War Just Started airforce 17
Icon 1 European News ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Biggest Sale Of Drilling Rights On Federal Land In 4 Years ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Soros plans endless, orchestrated anti-deportation protests ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Ivanka's Revenge airforce 0
Icon 1 State Dept. insider exposes refugee program as 'full of fraud' ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Ex-Obama Official Suggests ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump ConSigCor 12
Icon 1 Army Preps for Urban Warfare in MegaCities: ConSigCor 0
Icon 14 ATF Wants to Slash Gun Regs, Defend Second Amendment ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Sanctuary Cities Received $27 Billion From Feds Each Year ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 A Sharia State of Mind ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 California Voter registration System "Highly Susceptible to Fraud" airforce 0
Icon 1 Mexican Cartel Stockpiling Grenade Launchers at Texas Border ConSigCor 3
Icon 1 Prosecutors In Nevada Beg Trial Judge To Protect The BLM From Scrutiny During Bundy T ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Has Been Madonna threatens to Blow up the White House ConSigCor 5
Icon 1 Trump to sign orders to renegotiate NAFTA, pull out of TPP ConSigCor 4
Icon 14 This wasn’t one of your grandfather’s press briefings. ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises ConSigCor 4
Icon 1 Official Report on "Russian" Hacking airforce 11
Icon 1 Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence airforce 7
Icon 1 Keeping us out of WWIII ConSigCor 6
Icon 1 Obama enrages Israel on way out the door ConSigCor 14
Icon 1 Power grid in Vermont not infiltrated by Russian hackers ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 George Soros’ War on America: ConSigCor 9
Icon 1 More FBI Snitches ConSigCor 4
Icon 1 Obama Kicks Cuban Refugees in the Teeth airforce 1
Icon 14 Taking care of business ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Venezuela nears total collapse Pages: 1 2 ConSigCor 52
Icon 1 Did the U.S. Launch a Cyberattack on Drudge? airforce 4
Icon 1 Feds Will Guard Voting Machines After "Russian Hack" airforce 4
Icon 1 Reports of Five Dead at Ft. Lauderdale Airport airforce 4
Icon 1 Get the Feds Out of Western Lands ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Oregon’s criminalization of rainwater collection is now complete ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 US Retaliates Against Russia ConSigCor 6
Icon 1 Turkey Releases Selfie Video of New Year's Terrorist airforce 4
Icon 1 Soros Nazi problem ConSigCor 1
Icon 2 Dirty Harry's New Year's greeting to the Bundys ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 ISIS Urging Attacks on American Churches airforce 9
Icon 1 Trump gets green light ConSigCor 0
Icon 1 Americans Bought ‘17,850 Tons’ of Imported Ammo in Last 12 Months ConSigCor 3
Icon 1 Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated in Ankara airforce 0
Icon 1 Iran Conducting Massive War Drills airforce 6
Icon 1 House Republicans establish congressional Second Amendment Caucus ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 The Real "Fake News" ConSigCor 6
Icon 1 Trump looks to ban Muslim Brotherhood ConSigCor 2
Icon 1 Jihadi Compounds In The U.S. ConSigCor 1
Icon 1 Fidel Castro Is Dead airforce 9
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