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Note: Welcome to D2 - the second global economic depression.

The Five Stages of Collapse.

1. Financial Collapse. Already in motion.
2. Commercial Collapse. Just started.
3. Political Collapse (a loss of faith in the political process). First part is over (the recent election in the US). Second part is going to be nasty.
4. Social Collapse. Potentially the end state or stable equilibrium point for most of the world. Everyone against everyone with points awarded by the global marketplace.
5. Cultural Collapse. Full meltdown. Global market breaks.

"Unlike the Zombie apocalypse -- the complete collapse of civilization, nuclear winter, EMP wipeout, 99.99% mortality pandemics, etc. -- D2 is real, tangible, and here today.

You can't outlast D2 by stockpiling canned goods/bottled water, buying gold, or arming yourself to the teeth. It will stretch on for a decade or more.

The way to survive, even thrive, during D2 requires a different approach. It requires a vibrant and productive local economy. It requires people with the skills/equipment to contribute to it and the wherewithal to defend it if necessary." - John Robb

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