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Author Topic: HUTAREE DONATIONS (Official) as of 3/10/2012
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P.O. BOX 173
Manchester, Michigan 48158

Hutaree Militia members are currently on trial for their very lives! Four of these men have been incarcerated for the last two years. Out of the original nine people, only seven remain. One was declared incompetent to stand trial. Another took a deal to testify against his friends. The other three people have been out on bond. As the trial progresses, the people on bond need funds in order to have enough gas to drive back and fourth from their homes to the courthouse in Detroit. One of the defendants has no gainful employment, has a nine month old child, and must drive from Ohio to Detroit and back. The Judge ordered compensation for their gas for only one way, and if they could not do that, she offered the three people on bond a cell in the jail during trial. The other two defendants must drive from near the Ohio border in Southern Michigan. They need help with gas as well, one having a small child. As for the men in jail, they have been given only elementary school sized rations at the Wayne County Jail, and needless to say, they are starving. Part of the monies collected on Chipin http://hutareedonations.chipin.com/hutaree-donations will go into their commissary accounts so they may purchase extra food, razors, soap, toothbrushes, etc. If these men get acquitted, which would be the right thing to do as they are NOT GUILTY of the very serious charges laid against them by the government, the money collected here will be divided equally among them, and it will be used to get them back on their feet once the trial is over, as most have lost the jobs they had before this circus all started.

~ Ladypitbulluv

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Thanks for keeping us up on this, but this forum is really the only main one it is appropriate to post issues pertaining to fundraising for incarcerated patriot movement people. The other forums you posted this in here at the same website are redundant to that. Please don't feel offended when those others get deleted since you are welcome to fundraise here, just keep it limited to the Patriot Defense Fund forum.

If you have any ongoing operations issues, pending action, something you think might be going down against you or your people or in your area, then we have the sitrep forum for that.

For discussion on who betrayed or badmouthed the Hutaree, or operations issues or related topics on how this went down, then it can be discussed here or in the Militia Discussion forum.

In support of financial donations, usually what we can come up with is only sufficient for jail and prison comfort issues, and enough to make prisoners of conscience not need to go working for $1 per day slave wages in some prison sweatshop when they could be self educating in a library or staying in contact with friends and family.

Post incarceration economic support is also a legitimate function of fundraising here.

What we traditionally cannot readily afford is raising money for first class criminal defense lawyers, nor do we expect anyone to engage in risky acts to bring in large amounts of money just to pay lawyers off.

On the defendant who needs to travel back and forth, are they allowed to get a hotel room or temporary residence in the Detroit area? It is a long shot, but I might be able to come up with someone in Ann Arbor who is not really a supporter of the movement, but from a human interest view could probably provide some place to stay. They owe me some favors from way back.

Who got declared incompetent to stand trial? What is happening with that guy? I heard that just basically means indefinite detention in a psych ward until someone decides they can be put on trial.

Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.

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Can someone verify the legitimacy of the address given?


The War for America
Fight Everywhere

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Yeah, it's legit, was cleared a few weeks ago through me and another mod here prior to posting. Ladypitbulluv is the local coordinator in Michigan for this thing but she just now got around to posting. I had forgotten about it until I read the multiple posts.

My personal recommendation on this is cash donations using a fake name, but the chipin thing got opened up for the convenience of distant donors and for certain larger donations where you want verification the money was not swiped in transit.

[ 03-11-2012, 03:53 PM: Message edited by: Breacher ]

Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.

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These contributions are a needful thing but if I was in the slam awaiting a trial my thoughts about my defense would be much less distracted if I knew that when I was picked up that someone, besides Child Protective Services and the District Attorney's office was helping my family.
The cases against the patriots would be much weaker if the DA's and Leo's couldn't blackmail me, and my wife with the threat to take the kids and hide them in CPS.
Many here have read about wives making less than helpful statements about a patriots moral or legal status in the first few weeks of the arrest.
It probably killed her, but it was the only way to keep her children. Those kids are her responsibility when the patriot is jailed.
Here on these pages I read about the railroad. When do they get involved? Who supports them? When?

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Agreed, but the CPS and welfare issue is a pride thing, someone being starved into confession and snitching in jail is entirely another.

In a perfect well funded situation, families would be quickly evacuated to an undisclosed location and taken care of in relative comfort until matters get settled out, but we are not that well funded as a cartel either. We just don't have the economic base for that. Someone on my doorstep with that sort of story might get a meal out of me, then a ride down to the food stamp office and food bank. As an "Urban Prepper" I can cover someone on finding some under the table work, help support them a bit for a week or two, but beyond that, I am just not set up for it. Among all of our well outfitted rural people here, the game is not to export money from a well established community retreat situation, but to import full time residents who are expected to pull their weight. In the case of the indigent who can't work (children), then we would be needing to look at the financial profile of those involved, the security situation, and some other factors in determining eligibility for help vs risk factors but I don't want to get in the business of dumping wives and kids on the street either. Thats what foster care and appointed guardianship arrangements were invented for. What I will say is that nobody here is placed on this Earth to financially support the financial investments of some other patriot's landlord either.

What someone in Michigan needs to do is open up some space in their places for these people, but oh, I forgot, they were too busy snitching off the Hutaree when this was going down. Damn what a screwed up situation.

Prisoners/incarcerated are at best on the $50 per month program with me. Someone incarcerated and supported by a half dozen people sending $20 to $50 per month can live somewhat comparatively well on the inside.

I will discuss privately how upon release, a squared away patriot prisoner can get $10K to 20K "restart your life money" but the timing on that is very specific to their situation.

Realistically, it takes easily that much money for an individual to get squared away again after a long period of incarceration where it is assumed they lost their house, car, and most personal belongings. More for a family.

The very basic release package should include what is basically the unrestricted contents of a bugout bag that gets sent to the prison just prior to their release. That gets ratfucked by prison officials, but we are talking a good basic backpack, change of clothes. Package #2 may need clandestine delivery which will include some electronics (mostly discussed in private) and a prepaid cell phone (or two, the details of which to be discussed in private). Package #2 should be delivered in person to the individual at whatever post-prison place they are staying at.

Package #3 is to be in a cache within some proximity of the person and may not even be disclosed to them except in case of emergency (hence the sterile phones and contact protocols).

Taking care of families is a case by case basis, but I don't want anyone getting into the cycle of robbing banks and dealing dope to cover this for people, which eventually builds an organization which is robbing banks and dealing dope to pay for the needs of those who got caught robbing banks and dealing dope, then expanding it to cover their families and expanding from there into a largely criminal organization, which is exactly what developed from several of the Hispanic neighborhood militias of the early 1940s in southern California.

[ 03-12-2012, 02:54 PM: Message edited by: Breacher ]

Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

Trump: not the president America needs, but the president America deserves.

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