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Author Topic: Join Charles Dyer's / July 4 Patriot's Legal Team : HERE

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Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot needs a top notch legal team to help research his case for his appeal.

He has at least 10 issues that need researched.
J4P has been put in a facility with an outdated legal library for the purpose of hindering his appeal, but he is allowed to receive his mail finally, which is a loophole that we must exploit to help him get the legal information that he needs.

Currently he has a public PRETENDER filing his appeals, and as the old axiom goes, you get what you pay for....which is essentially nothing, so this is where we can be of the most use in assisting him fight his wrongful conviction.

What he request / Needs:
J4P needs us to be Johnny On The Spot with research dealing with case law and court decisions relevant to his case and the direction of appeals that he is pursuing.

Finding the information and getting it to him in a timely manner.

This will take funding to pay for ink, paper, printing and postage. To facilitate this, we can share the associated burdens of cost that would make effective assistance cost prohibitive for an individual.

Postage is priority in need and form of shipping.
600 pages cost about $15 to ship priority with delivery confrimation. That doesn't cover the cost of printing etc.

When printing, ad page numbers to the top, in case the papers get mixed up.
IE: Guards toss 600 page transcript all over the floor, etc. it can be put back in order much easier with numbers than without.

At $00.20 a copy, 1,000 pages + Postage is an expense that needs to be shared by patriots.
It is obvious that the feds are working overtime to keep this innocent man in prison because of his message, so what we need to do is work together to assist him.

That could mean that one person prints the order / research and the other pays postage. A system of co-ordination will be put into place to prevent duplicate printing and shipping, and to verify that shipments are sent and received.

Help could be as simple as paying the postage for someone who pays the printing or vice versa.

It may be cheaper to print with refillable ink, or quicker to drop off at staples, etc.

Whatever works....as long as it works.

Participants are urged to set up a paypal account so that we can instantly donate shipping cost to each other if and when the need arises.

While shipping may seem small considering, when added on to the cost of printing, it may end up being cost prohibitive for the Patriot that spent his last on the print job.

Print job = $80, patriot only has $65 but gets the job printed for $65, but now has no way to send it:
He can come here & get the $15 Paypal'd instantly & get that print job to J4P.

We are going to set up teams, and if the number of teams warrant, then squads, then platoons, then companies, and battalions, then divisions, etc. if the number of participants require such structuring.

Each team / etc. will have it's own leader that recruited it's members, or in the case of Freestyle ( ad Hoch / rag Tag, Thrown together, 3 or more voters, etc. elections to:
Maintain Autonomy
Move from Base / Body up.

Criteria = Vote for the most knowledgeable on achieving the objective.

*The body should move the head, the head shouldn't move the body due to the risk of a potential broken neck.

Right now the focus is on a TEAM.
1-4 Members.

Each team member should also prepare to expand into their own team, while teaching their new members to do the same, within the structure.

The structure is designed to facilitate the flow of information from the base to the top, and from the top down.

This will give J4P the option of assigning tasks and directing the focus of his research, while accounting for the different human factors that may arise.

Eventually, you will be asked to donate to the postage fund. $1 or whatever, so that the funds can be used for postage for the members who don't have it.

#1 Could have the ink & paper but no po$tage
#2 Has po$tage but no ink and paper.
#3 Has $$$ to print & send ( Online via staples ) but doesn't know where to find the info J4P needs,or how to send it online via staples, etc....

Working together, with a standardized system of assistance, enforced by excessive elections will keep things running smoothly, along with transparent checks & balances.

Money will be involved and even though it will be short paper$, they are J4P'$ paper$ and will be watched like a hawk watching it's prey. Watched by all of us.

If they don't do their job, they are voted out.....and if we find a good candidate that doesn't want to do the job, we vote him in anyway. They are probably the best one for the position anyway.

Time to get the support out of the hands of one persons control and put it into the hands of many, so if anyone drops the ball, there is a deep line behind them diving to pick it up.

Time is limited.

Sign up in this thread for the legal team & or PM contact info. ( PERSEC )
Pay Pal

J4P / Charles Dyer has been cut off from the world. It is time to cut him back on.

Write him & see what he needs and how you can help him help himself.
It could be as simple as emailing a link, or copying & pasting it, or a postcard keeping him informed, or $5 for basic supplies.

If he can get supplies, $1 for 100 envelopes at the local dollar store goes far. @ $00.10 an envelope. $10 in envelopes = $100 in store, $00.10 pens = $00.00 and if he can get food, send the individually wrapped snack packs, so that it is pre sealed and packaged.

Write him for details on what he can & can't receive in the mail.

The lines of communication between Charles Dyer and the community are now open.

Charles Dyer / July 4 Patriot's physical address is:

Charles Dyer
1200 South Main Street
Fredrick, Oklahoma, 73542

***Must be sent to Granite Prison:

Funds must be be sent to:

Charles Dyer (OKDOC #659682)
Oklahoma State Reformatory
P.O. Box 514
1700 East First Street
Granite, OK 73547-0514

You can send him postal money orders, just make sure that you address them to him, and sign where it states "Purchaser's signature", for the person who purchased the money order. Cashier's Checks are also accepted.

Sign Up Starts NOW:
Team Leader:
Team Member:

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