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Recent Visitors: Introduction
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27 visitors in the past 30 minutes Our visitor record is 647, set on . 6 visitors viewed the forum & category summary in the past 30 minutes.

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Visitors Popularity Forum Name Category
4 14% Constitutional Discussion General Discussion
3 11% Service Rifle Weaponry
3 11% Militia Gear Basic Training
3 11% Questions and Answers Front Office
3 11% The Political Front General Discussion
3 11% UPN: United Patriot Network General Discussion
3 11% AWRM/USMA Educational Library Front Office
2 7% The Militia Chaplain's Corner General Discussion
2 7% Communications Basic Training
2 7% News Archive Archives
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20 most popular topics within the past 30 minutes:
  Topic Title Visitors Forum Name Topic Author Replies
AWRM Links: 3 AWRM/USMA Educational Library ConSigCor 0
Self-Centered, Self-Serving Jackass” 1 The Political Front ConSigCor 2
Back from the dead. 1 Shooting Sports ConSigCor 3
Exonerate Schaeffer Cox 1 Patriot Defense Fund STRATIOTES 21
Attention Hogg 1 UPN: United Patriot Network ConSigCor 0
Can we get a Roll Call? 1 Roll Call The Greywolf 16
Prepare for cashless transition 1 Guerrilla Economics ConSigCor 2
Drone swarm 1 Operational Security Etech 0
Looking for blogs 1 Getting Started Taurus 1
Al Gore Insists Global Warming Causes Global Cooling 1 UPN: United Patriot Network ConSigCor 2
Free Food, Even In the City! 1 Survival & Preparedness airforce 0
Cold Weather Gear 1 Militia Gear ConSigCor 0
State Militia Directory 1 Militia Recruitment Center ConSigCor 85
Persecution for Faith 1 The Militia Chaplain's Corner fal3 1
Minimum Wage Hurts Those It Was Designed to Help 1 Constitutional Discussion airforce 62
Coup Attempt Against Trump Being Led by GOP Insiders 1 The Political Front ConSigCor 3
Charges Against Cliven Bundy, Three Others Dismissed 1 Militia Discussion airforce 8
Stripper clip problem. 1 Service Rifle Colt. 14
Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom 1 Guerrilla Economics ConSigCor 1
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